Can a non-swimmer safely go for scuba diving?
Yes, all non-swimmers can go scuba diving as safely as swimmers can. Our experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What is the length of the video and number of photographs?
Underwater photographs can be as many as you like, and the video length is approximately 1 minute, capturing the mesmerizing moments of your dive.

What is the minimum eligible age for scuba diving?
The minimum age for all water sports activities, including scuba diving, is 12 years old.

How deep is the dive?
The depth of the dive is approximately 30-40 feet, providing an exciting and immersive underwater experience.

I am a certified diver, do you have a package for me?
Yes, we offer a special package for certified divers. For more details, please contact us at +91 8806033332.

What is the visibility in the sea?
The visibility is satisfactory, ranging from 8-10 feet, allowing you to explore the underwater world with clarity.

Do I need a swimming costume for the dive?
While a swimming costume is not mandatory, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict your body movement. Changing rooms are available on the boat.

Can I go scuba diving without my glasses on and I don’t have a lens too?
Yes, you can go scuba diving without glasses/lenses. A magnifying glass can help correct your vision, ensuring a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.

Is there a changing room and a bathroom?
Yes, changing rooms are available on the boat, ensuring convenience and comfort. 

Can I travel by air after the dive?
It is recommended not to travel by air 24 hours before and after the dive to prioritize your safety.

Is it safe?
Your safety is our top priority. Our PADI certified instructors, owned scuba equipment, constant maintenance, personal guidance during the dive, and a team of rescue divers ensure a secure and enjoyable scuba diving experience. We adhere to international safety guidelines, allowing you to relax and marvel at the underwater sea world.