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Goa, is one of the best honeymoon destination in India along with its hippy culture and exotic beaches! One of the popular choices amidst the younger crowds, Goa is a destination that makes one experience the morning sunrise, the chirpy brunches, and the vibrant nightlife at its best and makes this destination one of the best places to visit in India for a honeymoon.

A special holiday for couple never completed without an special honeymoon arrangements which includes special candle light dinner, flower bed decor, and cake.

Escape to the sun-kissed shores of Goa with our enchanting honeymoon package, exclusively crafted for lovebirds by "Goa Safari Adventure." Picture yourself strolling hand in hand along the golden beaches, as the waves gently caress your feet, and the sunsets paint the sky in shades of orange and pink.

Our Goa honeymoon package offers a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure. You'll stay in luxurious beachfront accommodations, where you can wake up to the soothing sound of the ocean. Explore Goa's rich cultural heritage with visits to historic churches and vibrant local markets. Embark on thrilling adventures like water sports or a romantic cruise along the picturesque coastline.

Indulge in delectable Goan cuisine, including fresh seafood and flavorsome curries, at some of the finest restaurants. At night, experience the vibrant nightlife with beach parties or a private moonlit dinner on the sand. This unforgettable journey with Goa Safari Adventure promises to be the perfect start to your lifelong adventure together.

3 Nights 4 Days Available on request Goa Safari Adventure

What is included in the tour

Day 1: Arrive in Goa, check-in at a beachfront resort, and enjoy a romantic evening by the beach.

Day 2: Spend the day at famous beaches, try water sports, and return for a romantic dinner at the resort.

Day 3: Explore historic forts, churches, and enjoy a sunset cruise. Indulge in a candlelit Goan dinner.

Day 4: Check-out, with optional free time for shopping or relaxation, before departing from Goa.

This itinerary offers a mix of relaxation, adventure, culture, and romance to make your honeymoon in Goa truly memorable.


Honeymoon packages can vary widely depending on the destination, budget, and preferences of the couple. However, here are some common inclusions you might find in a honeymoon package:

Accommodation: Honeymoon packages typically include a stay at a romantic and comfortable hotel or resort. Some packages may offer room upgrades or options for special honeymoon suites.

Meals: Many packages include daily meals, which can range from breakfast to all-inclusive options with multiple meals and snacks throughout the day. Some may even include special romantic dinners.

Airport Transfers: Most honeymoon packages include round-trip airport transfers to make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible.

Romantic Amenities: Honeymooners often receive special amenities like flowers, champagne, chocolates, or fruit baskets upon arrival.

Excursions and Activities: Depending on the destination, packages may include guided tours, activities like snorkeling, hiking, or cultural experiences. These can vary widely, so check the package details.

Spa or Wellness Packages: Some honeymoon packages may include spa treatments, massages, or wellness activities to help you relax and unwind.

Romantic Surprises: Some hotels and resorts may offer surprises like a private beach dinner, sunset cruises, or other special experiences.

Honeymoon Decorations: Your room or suite may be decorated with romantic touches like rose petals, candles, and heart-shaped designs.

Personalized Services: Certain packages may offer personalized services like a dedicated concierge or butler to cater to your needs.

Special Offers: Honeymoon packages often come with discounts or added value, such as free nights for extended stays, complimentary upgrades, or early check-in/late check-out options.